Enrolment Procedure for the School Year 2017/18



For many years the Vienna Board of Education has offered a spectrum of various modern language initiatives. One of these being the pilot project: VIENNA BILINGUAL SCHOOLING – VBS.

In order to meet the needs of the ever-increasing number of Viennese pupils that have an outstanding command of both English as well as German language skills, the VBS pilot project was developed. Thus, the aim of the VBS schools is to implement German, as well as English, as the languages of instruction from the first day of school.

The pilot project VBS begins with primary school and continues through both lower and upper secondary schools. A further opportunity to enter a VBS school occurs again after a successful orientation talk, at the transfer from primary to lower secondary and into upper secondary school.

In primary school, the main object of this pilot project is to impart a basic general education, according to the Austrian curriculum, in the first language of the child (German or English). As well as that, basic skills are acquired in the respective second language (German or English).


The acquisition of basic cultural techniques (especially German reading and writing or English reading and writing) takes place in the first or dominant language of the child (German or English).

Acquisition of literacy skills in the second language begins from Year 1 on an individual basis.

VBS classes are divided into two language groups for the acquisition of literacy skills (German reading and writing or English reading and writing) in the first or dominant language, as well as in German or English as a second language lessons. The remaining lessons are devoted to bilingual teaching.

The orientation talk was developed, in co-operation with school psychologists of the Vienna Board of Education and external experts from the University of Graz, and incorporates the following aspects:

social skills and emotional competence

communicative strategies (flexibility within the languages)

communication skills in English and German

 In order to ensure the continued existence and assurance of quality within the VBS pilot project, it is of utmost importance that there is a balance of dominant English speaking and dominant German speaking pupils in every class. Only then can a successful bilingual education take place.

Therefore the following factors are considered at the enrolment:

eligibility (orientation talk)

best possible balance of children in the class with either German or English as a first language

enough eligible children to fill a class



VS 6

Sonnenuhrgasse 3-5, 1060 Wien

(+431) 597 33 33

HT1 Claudia Abendroth, MA


VS 10

Keplerplatz 7, 1100 Wien

(+431) 604 15 36

HT Sabina Martins


VS 16

Herbststraße 86, 1160 Wien

(+431) 492 43 23

HT Gabriele Prokop, MEd


VS 18

Scheibenbergstraße 63, 1180 Wien

(+431) 470 63 69

HT Solveig Trayler-Rochhart


VS 19

Grinzinger Straße 88, 1190 Wien

(+431) 37 011 49

HT Mag. Elisabeth Lindtner


VS 22

Meißnergasse 1, 1220 Wien

(+431) 203 21 31

HT Christa Formanek


VS 22

Leonard Bernstein Str. 2, 1220 Wien

(+431) 2636636 111

HT Verena Freyler


VS 22

Schüttaustraße 42, 1220 Wien

(+431) 263 35 71

HT Michaela Esterl



Vienna Board of Education

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1 HT = Head Teacher