Address: VS Keplerplatz
Keplerplatz 7
A – 1100 Wien
Headmistress VDn Dipl. Pädn. Sabina Martins
Telephone Headmistress:+43 1 604 15 36/111
Staff Room:+43 1 641 15 76 / 112
Fax: +43 1 604 15 36/110
How to get there: A one minute walk from the underground station Keplerplatz . We also can be reached by the "O" tram or the "14A" bus. See the enclosed map Location.
Classes: 11 Geps classes, of which there are 10 regular classes and 1 bilingual class VBS (German / English)
Pupils: currently 250 pupils, with approx. 30 different mother tongues. Our pupils come from all parts of Europe, America, Africa and Asia.
School Building: A 19th Century brick building. 12 class rooms, 2 P.E. halls, a small library and various extra rooms. A courtyard with a play and sports area.